Friends was conceived by Mathew Keiser (Founder of Sol-Sol Menswear - and Louis de Villiers. The main outcome was to create a free, limited, printed publication that was without advertising in order to make more space for substance. Through Sol-Sol and Skullboy artwork rewards packages, the project was crowdfunded and launched in February 2015 in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

The theme for the first issue was The Male Daze and featured contributors from South Africa, New York, London, Seoul and Hong Kong. Features included Yann-Xavier Horowitz, Brad Armitage (Brewers&Union), Starcrossed Tattoo, Alex Lendrum (HypeBeast), Jonathan Leibmann (Propertuity), Anthony Bila, Richard Hart, David Lendrum (Leica) and more. It also featured a Sol-Sol lookbook art directed by Louis de Villiers and photographed by Roger Jardine.

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Concept: Mathew Keiser & Louis de Villiers
Creative Direction: Louis de Villiers
Editor: Louis de Villiers
Design & Layout: Louis de Villiers
Copy: Various
Illustration: Louis de Villiers & Various
Photography: Various