The Times is one of the country’s best-selling daily newspapers and is the sister-paper to Sunday Times. In order to promote ‘tactical advertising’, The Times runs a competition in conjunction with the annual Loeries Awards to agencies to submit client-approved press ads that respond to current events. As an activation, The Times team arrives at selected agencies across the country with a presentation and leave-behind promoting the competition. Winners receive free press for their clients as well as a free entry into the ‘Tactical Advertising’ category of the Loeries.

This year’s Loeries campaign hinged on ‘How many NO’s does it take to win a Loerie?’. For the Creative Press Ad Challenge activation, we developed this concept further to ‘How many Times (newspapers) does it take to win a Loerie?’, alluding to the fact that each printed tactical press ad submitted and approved is another opportunity to win a Loerie award.

The leave-behind pack was a wrapped package with a removable belly-band (below), each consisting of competition details and a calendar as well as a flat-packed Loerie trophy ready to be assembled by the agencies involved.

Work done while at Modern Museum
Concept: Louis de Villiers, Kelly Chrystal & Gareth Pike
Art Direction: Louis de Villiers
Design: Louis de Villiers
Illustration: Louis de Villiers
Copy: Gareth Pike
Production: Jenny Foord